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BUAP-UPV TPIRS: A System for Document Indexing Reduction at WebCLEF

David Pinto1,2

{dpinto, prosso, esanchis}

Héctor Jiménez-Salazar2

{davideduardopinto, hgimenezs}

Paolo Rosso1

Emilio Sanchis1


In this paper we present the results of BUAP/UPV universities in WebCLEF, a particular task of CLEF 2005. Particularly, we evaluate our information retrieval system at the bilingual ``English to Spanish'' task. Our system uses a term reduction process based on the Transition Point technique. Our results show that it is possible to reduce the number of terms to index, thereby improving the performance of our system. We evaluate different percentages of reduction over a subset of EuroGOV, in order to determine the best one. We observed that after reducing the 82.55% of the corpus, a Mean Reciprocal Rank of 0.0844 was obtained, compared with 0.0465 of such evaluation with full documents.

David Pinto 2006-05-25